Can it really be that easy? Yes, it can!

Todd Gross's Review

Hi Gary,

I said it before but I have to say it again. Every so often I would get this urge to search for a script that would work better for my project at the time and every time I would get back to SiteBuilder Elite. It feels so familiar yet so surprising each time. I always discover some new feature that none of the other scripts would have. Then there is a great deal of customisation that I can play with and make my site really unique. Everything works just like the manual said and that reliability is what I need in a script. With a little imagination, one can really make a website that stands out yet be very simple to maintain.

The first time I bought SBE3 I was very sceptical. After a short period of time and many great sites, I realised that I simply love this script. Next time around, when SBE4 was about to get released, I could hardly wait, holding my money, ready to purchase it. This time around I knew I was getting a great deal and again, I was surprised even more to find out that it was better than expected.

Thanks Gary.

Neb Radojkovic

Special message from Gary Nugent

Subject: Building Your Virtual Real Estate Empire Just Became Really Easy...

Dear Affiliate Marketer,

Ever tried building a website with WordPress? Are you tired of how long it takes to get a WordPress blog up and running - I don't mean the base install, but the plugins you need to add and the setup time for all of them? And then you have to find content. And then there's all the additional plugins you have to buy to monetize your blog. Those costs really start adding up.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could build a fully functional website, populated with content, monetized with your choice of ad networks; one that contains dynamic content to keep the search engines coming back? And all with the click of a few buttons?

That solution is SiteBuilder Elite.

Building a quality website with the likes of WordPress can take a huge amount of time and many people are frustrated at the low levels of money they earn from Adsense ads placed on their sites.

But there is another approach...

Instead of putting all your time into one website that might no pay off, why not put a small amount of time into many websites and start building a Virtual Real Estate Empire. Now each website might only earn a small amount each day, but the more sites you have, the more those earnings accumulate.

You see, Adsense is a numbers game...

Adsense is the easiest advertising option you can add to a website. And the more websites you have, the more money you make. All those little amounts combine into one big monthly check. But how do you go about building multiple sites? Well, one thing you can do is buy those Adsense website templates you see all over the internet. Or you can go one stage further and buy complete website packages in a box, but there are problems with these:

Most look very cheap

You have to modify them to suit your content and tailor them to your affiliate promotions - read: you need to know HTML and/or PHP

If any content is provided, it's static, unchanging, and the search engine spiders, along with visitors will get bored looking at it

And, most importantly, 100s if not 1,000s of others are using exactly the same templates and content

That hardly leads to a dynamic, unique website. Google hates duplicate content and you don't stand a chance of being remotely unique in a sea of sameness unless you start individualising your sites. And, guess what? You're back to square one, putting a lot of time into each site to make it different.

But there is a solution...

What if you knew there was a piece of software that would create dynamic, unique websites, optimized for Adsense, customizable as you need with options for adding other affiliate revenue streams, and you could create such a website with the click of a button?<br>And all without needing to know HTML or PHP?

And why stop at one website? Build as many as you need.

Make your sites as simple as you want or as sophisticated as you want. You don't need to know HTML or PHP to create your sites (although some HTML or PHP knowledge will help you customise your websites more).

All you need do is select your options, type in some site-related information and click a button.

Yes, it really is that simple!

The video will take a few seconds to load...

Above: An example site. Click here to see the actual site.

Many people who read these testimonials may wonder, as I did, "Is this a real person or a nice ad copy?", or "What basis does the writer have for making comments?" For credibility purposes, I'd like to say I'm an Intermediate Level Internet user and I've been active in Internet Marketing for over ten years. In those years, I've tried, purchased, used, and evaluated many site building programs. The early ones I don't even recall the names of, but the current inventory of programs includes Front Page, NVU, xSite Pro, and Hypervre. Each is a tool which serves a slightly different purpose. None do for me what Site Builder Elite does.

Anyone investing in a program like this, which, by the way is extremely inexpensive for what it does, can be assumed to be at least half serious about wanting to earn money on the Internet, and in being "half serious", then you must know that one of the most important things search engines look for is content and fresh content. This also means many pages with different content.

While the previously mentioned programs can be used to generate multiple content rich pages, it's most often a very laborious process and may involve writing or download articles, modifying them, and uploading them. Generating sites with appropriately placed images with a keyword attached to each description. The closest program I've had prior to this that comes half close to doing this is Hypervre...but in my experience, it's been very difficult to work with and has involved the multiple steps of independent article creation, uploading, merging, etc.

In short, Site Builder Elite does all of this very simply, very quickly, and very inexpensively.

You must now begin to think in PHP instead of HTML, but only from the file recognition point. Gone are the days of having to understand either, for this program does it all automatically.

When one buys a new program, the smart buyer looks for two items: Program performance and product support.

As I write this testimonial, it's still a bit early to predict program performance in terms of generating income. My sites have only been up a couple of days. They probably have not been "crawled yet" and to be fair in expectations, they initially are in subdomains. My jury is still out in terms of performance with concerns in the duplicate content area, but in terms of performance in generating pages, performance has been as advertised and more than expected. There have been a couple "learning curve" glitches such as naming files in the configurtation page, but these have been resolved.

I have found the video and printed documentation easy to follow, and fortunately, not volumes long... something in the area of 70 printed pdf pages.

SUPPORT: I've had to contact Gary a half dozen or so times, and I must say on a scale of 1-5, where 5 is top ranked for support, Gary and this program rate a 6+. Responses have been personal and timely, and given the fact he is on GMT and I'm on EST, this is exceptional. I've purchased name brand software (Symantec/Norton to name the largest) and found companies like that ranking a ZERO in customer support. Others are in mid range, but Gary is on the very top of the support mountain.

Fortunately, good documentation and relative ease of use will keep his support needs down, because if not, there's probably no way he could render this level... but for a prospective buyer, just knowing it's there if you get in trouble is worth every cent of the program. And assuming the program does generate income and not suffer from duplicate content penalites, this program a is a steal... and in fact, if I were the seller, I'd probably be price pointing closer to $197. Buy it now before he gets wise as to the value of what he is marketing.

- Joe Leech, Melbourne, FL, USA

Let's Take A Look At SiteBuilder Elite's Automatic Options

Create different site layouts simply by changing some settings on the site admin panel. No need to know any HTML, Javascript or PHP. And no messing about trying to install themes.

Adsense adblocks are included as standard. Choose from several standard positions.

Automatically include Privacy Policy, Terms of Service (TOS) Contact and Disclaimer pages on your sites. Google loves these.

Your site will have a Site Search page for your domain. Once Google starts crawling your site, visitors will be able to use it to find what they're looking for on your site. And you'll get paid for clicks on any adsense ads that appear on the results page.

Automatically include Home, and Sitemap links in your navigation bar. Your sitemap is created when you build your site, re build it or add new pages (manually or on auto-pilot).

25 links (you can change this number) are randomly selected from your sitemap for inclusion in your navigation bar each time a page is loaded

Content from RSS feeds can appear on all pages making each page dynamic

The content from RSS feeds is relevant to the keyword for your page. If no content can be found, content for your main keyword is displayed instead

"Read more..." links appear below RSS news items and on your (optional) Articles page open stories in a new window using nofollow links.

Randomized title and description metatags to hide your site's footprints from the search engines. You have control over these

Sites are Search Engine Optimized (SEO) automatically by including each page's keyword in the Title, Description and Keywords metatags as well as in section headers on your pages and in the Permalink on each page.

A number of metatags, including OpenGraph metatags, are automatically included on each page to aid in SEO.

Each page contains a link to the next page on your site - another SEO aid.

A Permalink is added to the bottom of each page to aid in SEO. The page's keyword is used as the anchor text.

Removes footprints so each site is unique to search engines.

Now Let's Look At Some of SiteBuilder Elite's Additional Optional Features:

Have SiteBuilder Elite download articles automatically from Jonathan Leger's Article Builder (this link gives you a $100 discount) so you can put unique content on your pages from it on auto-pilot. And you can also use your own or PLR articles to add content to your website. This is an additional way to add content from various sources, increasing variety.

Create and edit your articles, whether they're PLR articles or articles you write yourself, directly in SiteBuilder Elite using the in-built article editor.

Have your site grow organically: have a random number of pages added to your sites at random intervals so your site grows on auto-pilot. Set it and forget it. Your updated sitemaps are automatically submitted to both Google, Yahoo, MSN and each time your site is updated.

Auto-Submit Your Sitemaps to Google, Yahoo, MSN and when you build or rebuild a site.

Put an image slider on your pages on one of six positions: at the top of a page, above the site header, under the site header, at the top of the content column, at the bottom of a page, in the Navigation sidebar or in the Ad bar (the latter three are good for an ad rotator).

Have image or text-based headers on your pages (text headers can also be transparent).

Add a menu below your page header. This can contain links to pre-built pages (like the Privacy Policy page) and/or links to pages on your site or to external sites (like affiliate links). Change the menu colors or use a background image for nicer effects.

Have randomly rotating images beside your ads (not recommended for Adsense) to draw the reader's eye.

Include ads from a variety of ad networks so that Adsense isn't the only way to monetize your pages. Includes ad networks such as Amazon, Pepperjam, LinkShare, Commission Junction, etc. If you don't want to use one of the in-built options, you can paste in the code for whatever ads you want giving ultimate flexibility.

Include content from Yahoo Answers on your pages - that's instant content for your sites.

Turn your home page into a landing page. (Landing pages are typically used for opt-in forms and other techniques for getting a visitor to sign up to a newsletter, get a free report, sell them something, etc.)

Have random images appear in your articles - these are images you upload yourself (SiteBuilder Elite contains an image uploader to easily manage images)...

...Or have images from Flickr be downloaded and embedded in your articles automatically.

Set the size of the images you want to display to customize them for your site.

Align images to the left, right or center them on the page and position them in different paragraphs.

Add a Contact Us page to your site. The page contains a form that a visitor can fill out and send to you.

Add videos from YouTube to your site. Videos contain content that is related to the subject of each webpage (requires an extra 3rd-party script).

Add a Resources page. Visitors can add links to your page but must first add a (validated) link to your site to their page. So a hands-free link exchange. You can also manually add links to the page through the site configuration screen.

Change the colors, column width and cellpadding on your website. Set page and site menu alignment. In other words, you have full control over the site layout without having to mess around with templates

Add a border around your pages. You can set the border width and color.

Use a header image or a text header on your site. Text headers can have square or rounded corners. Text headers can also have transparent backgrounds. You have the option to use a footer image as well.

Change the names, colors and sizes of fonts used on your pages. Easier than hand-modifying a CSS file.

Add Social Bookmarking links to your pages. This includes the option of adding a "Digg" widget at the start of articles and including links and icons for 18 other social bookmarking sites below you articles.

Include an Articles page which is created from RSS feeds from article directories (requires an extra 3rd-party script)

Cache your pages for faster loading times - this includes page caching and browser caching.

Include a Web 2.0 Video Wall that contains links to videos related to your page's keyword

Sort the navigation bar links alphabetically or list them in the order the were added to your site.

Cloak your Amazon affiliate links if you want.

Add recommended products below your articles, or add an opt-in sign up form. In fact, add whatever code you want to promote whatever you want on your site (just a matter of cutting and pasting code).

Visitors to your sites can add comments to your pages and create new unique content.

Auto hyperlinking of web addresses: If an article contains a text weblink, it will be automatically converted into an active hyperlink. These links will open in a separate tab (Firefox) or a new window (IE). Links are managed in the site configuration.

Site page interlinking: articles can include links to other pages on your site. Aids in search engine optimisation.

Choose from four different Adsense layouts (if using Adsense), Ad sizes are automatically selected to fit your page.

Add a page translation widget to your pages.

Add a "This Site is For Sale" link to your sites. This opens up a page where a prospective buyer can contact you about a possible purchase.

Add a "Develop Your Domain Names" link to your sites. (This contains your SiteBuilder Elite affiliate link which is cloaked).

Change/add the RSS feeds that are used on your site so its content is more unique (requires an extra 3rd-party script). Set the number of news items to show on your pages.

Get your site to create its own RSS feed so that visitors can link to it keep up with site changes or that you can submit to various RSS directories (get extra traffic this way).

Automatically post messages to your site's RSS feed and/or Twitter when a new page is added to your site.

Add a Google +1 button at the top of your pages. You can change how the button appears.

Add your Google Analytics code, Kontera code, stats code, etc. to your site with a simple cut and paste operation. The code is automatically added to all pages on your site.

Rearrange the order of content on your pages however you want to provide an even more unique mix of content on your pages

Configure your website's options at any time.

Rebuild your website whenever you want with the click of a button (e.g. If you've added or deleted keywords).

Changes you make on your website are site-wide and instant. No more editing multiple files to ripple a change across a site!

Ok, So How Simple Is It To Use?

Very simple. Each new website requires a little preparation - such as buying a domain name and web hosting (cheap options are covered in the manual), creating an optional header graphic for it, set what colors you want and so on.

You will also need to create a list of keywords, each of which will become a unique page on your new site. Depending on the number of keywords in your list, your site can have 10s, 100s or 1000s of pages (though sites perform best with 10-500 pages). How many pages you create is up to you. There are many keyword research tools available, both free (like the Google Adwords Tool) and paid (my current recommended keyword tool is Jaaxy), which will give you the words and phrases people type in when they're searching for something - the words and phrases your pages will be built around. Keyword tool suggestions are provided in the manual but I've collated 12 free keyword research videos here that show how to use Market Samurai for this task.

Work efficiently and you can easily build at least one new site a day.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so you probably want to see a site created with SiteBuilder Elite. So here are some examples... Real, Live Sites Built With SiteBuilder Elite 4:

About Sky Diving Bailey's Tackle The SiteBuilder Elite Online Manual

Empire Building

SiteBulder Elite gives you the power to start building a Virtual Real Estate Empire and regularly add new sites to your portfolio. What you do with that empire is up to you.

SiteBuilder Elite "PRIORITY " Order Form

YES! I Want To Download SiteBuilder Elite Immediately...
For Just $47...

Gary, I am ready to start building my Virtual Real Estate Empire using your special software

  • You understand that by ordering today you will receive instant access to the SiteBuilder Elite software - The quickest and easiest way to build content-rich websites at the click of a button.

  • You also understand:

    1. That SiteBuilder Elite consists of PHP scripts and support files that will only run on Unix/Linux Webservers. [Hostgator is the recommended choice].
    2. That SiteBuilder Elite does not run on your PC or Mac.
    3. That you will also need a working knowledge of how to use FTP software to upload files to a webserver. [Filezilla is recommended].
    4. You can only build sites on domains that you personally own. You are not allowed to build sites for other people.

Recommended Web Hosting & Resources:

Free Reports and eBooks

Highly recommended if you want to use Article Builder to add content to your sites

HostGator Web Hosting
Not recommended if you want to use Article Builder to add content to your sites

Wishing you the very best of success!

Gary Nugent

P.S. Remember, more and more people go online every day. And they need websites to visit. And shouldn't your websites be among them?

P.P.S. SiteBuilder Elite has nothing to do with WordPress but if you're looking for a WordPress solution, then check out my Blog Building Service.

Don't Believe Me, Believe The Users!


Over the years you have supplied such great customer support.

G Fleck


I want to thank you for the totally outstanding and awesome support you have given me. The first time I requested support; you fixed my problem and then told me what I had done wrong. I had the permissions set wrong. The second time I had put the folders in the wrong place. Again, you fixed it and explained what I had done wrong.

Each time I did something wrong, you not only fixed the problem but explained what I did wrong. I am not a technical person. You didn't just give me a fish; you taught me how to fish. You went way beyond what anyone could reasonably expect in the way of customer support.

I am an analog person trying to live in a digital world. I've only had your software for a week and already have it installed on three sites.

John J Fink
Hi Gary,

I wish to take this time to thank you for your support in installing and configuring IonCube. Me and my wife are newbies to the hosting world. GoDaddy support was not very helpful to our issue regarding the installation of IonCube which they support. This app needs to run in the back end of their hosting server. All they did was point me to the download site with a little bit of instruction on how to download. Never were we given instructions on how to install and configure. We were at a loss.

But even as you are located half way around the world, your expertise in support and generosity with the time spent on the issue, you have resolved it with flying colors! You have gained our loyalty and confidence with you and your software.

Once again many many thanks!

Robert Tolentino

I now have a couple of sites up and running and have found SiteBuilder Elite to be excellent and everything that you say. I also thank you for being so helpful in helping me while setting up my sites even on matters that are not related to SiteBuilder Elite.

- Fred Wright

I have been a website designer for many years but can honestly say that I have never used such an easy, powerful and 'full blown' piece of software as Sitebuilder Elite.

On top of all of this it produces excellent SEO (Search Engine Optimised) websites, which is a business all of its own and can be costly. Not to mention the excellent customer support.

My first site took me just 30 minutes to build with the help of the in depth but easy to follow manual and the 'do as I do' getting started video. All in all a great package at a great price.

- John Boase
Hi Gary,

I have to say this:

I spent some time searching and trying out and playing with several different scripts, website publishers and other software. I also used Kompzer (as I use Linux for the past 5 years) and I played with Dreamveawer etc.

Your script is so good and so dear to my heart that I feel almost a childish excitement when I have to start to make new configuration. I am no expert in any shape or form but I personally believe, after seeing and feeling out some other website scripts and tools, that your product is very well constructed, it is reliable and fast, it gives you even more then one asked for and it is flexible enough to make really unique sites with.

Thank you again if I haven't said it before.

- Neb Radojkovic

Thanks again for all your help. This truly is the best software I have ever bought and the support is tops. Never had support like this for anything I have bought online. Thank you.

- Phil Holbrook

I am absolutely delighted with your program as it is so user friendly. Using an autofill program and a header generator, it is so easy to produce quality Adsense sites. I started using it about five days ago and my Adsense earnings is just under $60.00 so I am well and truly hooked on your program.

- Robert Shields

The more I study SiteBuilder Elite, the more I realise just how incredibly powerful this software is. I think you have really set the bar so high that there will be nothing to come close for a long time.

Thanks once again for making such a fantastic suite available!

- B. Compton

Great work on the continual improvement cycles! I must say, as purchases of software on the web go, you and this product in particular have been the best investment I have made ever. Thank you for your continued support,

- R Watkins


I must say that you did a fantastic job on this software.

- Gary Smith
Hi Gary,

As a Beta tester for Version 3, I have to say "This version 3 rocks".

More greece to your elbow, keep it up and may your dreams come true.

- Peter King
What made me take the risk and buy Sitebuilder Elite in the first place was that you were happy to help customers after they had downloaded it. I can't express how glad I was that I took the risk and bought it - I have Never been so happy with a internet purchase as I am with your programme.

I have been making simple websites for many years but still, I am ashamed to admit, know nothing about scripts and have never had a webpage that ended in .php until now.

When you said websites would be presentable at the touch of a button I thought that even if this was true the "tweaking" that always seems to follow "automated" sitebuilders would be more work than doing it by hand. In reality the first attempts were so impressive that you could, especially if you have as many sites as I have, get away with pressing the button and leaving the result on the internet as it stands.

With so many sites my sites are mostly just one or two pages, but now I can build instant sites with as many pages as the keywords that I have uploaded. At a stroke you have decreased the amount of work that I have to do by 95%. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. I cannot recommend Sitebuilder Elite more; I would just run out of words. If you want to put my email address on your site I would be happy to confirm that I am a genuine customer, not your friend or your brother, and that I have no other reason to say what I am saying than genuine pleasure in your product.

- Warwick Dyer

This is an excellent piece of software. I'm no techie but with Site-Builder Elite I have been able to create web-sites with all the latest bells and whistles such as the video-wall, dynamic and rotating article pages, strategic placing of adsense ads, rss feeds etc. ...and all with simple mouse clicks. Great! Many thanks for your prompt responses to my queries.

- Jwez

I wanted to share with you that SiteBuilder Elite is the best script I have ever seen and used. It is so easy to use. I just can't believe it.

Your configuration file makes it so easy to make changes. It's unbelievable.

I have been designing static web pages for the last 13 years and have never came across a program that is so fantastic!

Because of the quality of this script. I will be buying your other products in the future.

As soon as I get over the excitement of this program. I will definitely join your affiliate program. I believe that this program is going to take off.

- Frank Sayre

SiteBuilder Elite has given me the opportunity to do something that I'd been wanting to do for a long time: build AdSense sites that work. I'd done one, but it took me ages, and it was impractical to do any more. With Gary's tool I can now achieve my aim. Great job, Gary!

- Steve Avery
I took a last minute gamble with SiteBuilder Elite 3 [SBE3] after being let down with quite a few other online products. I bought SBE3 to try and increase my income as an Adsense and Amazon affiltate and I have to say after a few weeks I have noticed a great income boost from this product. Visitors keep coming back to my sites time and time again.

Its not earning me millions but SBE3 has pretty much boosted my income so that my sites pay for the mortgage on my home every month. So a thanks to Gary who also has produced a great script and the customer service is one of the best if not THE best on the internet. I feel like I have a personal relationship with Gary even though we have never met but he still takes the time to answer my most silly emails when I have made mistakes.

- Dan Somers
I've used Gary's product for 2 months now and am very happy with it. It took a few efforts to build the first site, but after that you can do it with your eyes closed. I build on average 2-3 websites a week working 3-4 hours a day. Most of the work is to set the look and feel of the site, choose keywords and build an articles database. I had 200 domains barely paying for themselves on SEDO for the past 2 years; now after 2 months all my web sites already got profitable.

Also personal thanks to Gary for his help with all of my questions. I'm a complete zero when it comes to even simple software problem. If I got a question - I got an answer.

Great product for users like me and it helps you to understand the basics of online marketing.

- Victor Simakov

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