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The "SiteBuilder Elite" software has just been released on the Clickbank marketplace!

The Selling price of the software is currently $47 and you earn 50%.

After Clickbank take their fees, you earn about $21.50 per sale.

Here's how to get started promoting...

If you already have a Clickbank account, just replace the word YOURID with your Clickbank ID below:


If you don't have a Clickbank account, sign up for FREE at the link below (it takes about 1 minute):

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How And When Do You Get Paid?

Clickbank, our third-party processor handle all affiliate tracking and will send you a check twice a month. To check your stats, you just need to login to your Clickbank account.

How Do You Promote?...Is There Any Ad Copy Supplied And Do You Recommend Any Places To Advertise?

Yes. Below we supply a host of tools to get you started and tell you places to advertise. Everything is below.

There is a brandable PDF report, ezine ad copy, classified ads, Google Adwords ads and much more. I highly recommend you opt in below for the affiliate hot sheet. You will immediately be sent a large selection of ad copy and places to advertise so you can get started ASAP. Or, if you prefer, you can copy and paste below.

Enter your Clickbank ID/Nickname into the CBID box below along with your name and email address and the affiliate materials containing your affiliate links will be emailed to you.




Video Showing SiteBuilder Elite in Action

You can promote SiteBuilder Elite with this video (it's the one on the main sales page) using the following link: http://www.sitebuilderelite.com/Introduction?id=YOURID

Don't forget to replace YOURID in the code with your own Clickbank nickname.

Peel Away Ad

Simply paste the code below anywhere on your webpage between the two body tags - <body> and </body> - and the corner Peel-Back ad (see the top right of this page) will automatically appear, encoded with your affiliate link.

Don't forget to replace YOURID in the code with your own Clickbank nickname. And make sure that the code snippet is all on the same line.


Copy the code beneath the graphic you want to use to advertise SiteBuilder Elite and paste it into Notepad. Then replace YOURID in the code with your own Clickbank ID. Then copy and paste the code snippet into your webpage.

728x90 banner, shown slightly reduced to fit on page

Brandable PDF Report

With this brandable report you can embed your affiliate id into the report and give it out to others.

The report is provided in a ZIP file, along with the rebrander software and instructions on how to create your branded report.

Please Note: Getting the brandable report does not confer any resale rights to you. You cannot sell your branded report and you cannot resell the report/brander package. You can give away your branded report to as many people as you want or as a bonus with other products. You CAN NOT give away or sell the report/brander package. Get your brandable report here:

Ezine Ad Copy Below

Dear Subscriber

Money doesn't come easy from the internet, despite what people have told you.

Yes, you do hear about incredible success stories, but they're rare events, just as they are in the "real" world...

Making money online is possible but it does require time, effort and consistency. And one of the worst things you can do, as I did starting out, was leapfrog from one get-rich-quick scheme to another (with nothing to show for it, of course!)

A combination of Adsense revenue and affiliate marketing worked for me when I built a few websites. But it's time consuming designing and building a site...not to mention the time it takes to write content for it.

There had to be an easier way, a way of automating website creation so that building dozens of sites wouldn't be like having your teeth pulled - an excruciating experience.

That's when SiteBuilder Elite was born...


All you need to do is give it a list of keywords, set some parameters, click a button and "Hey Presto", a multi 10, 100, or 1000 page dynamic, Adsense-monetized website pops into existence.

At this point you can do one of two things: move on and create your next website or spend a little time customising your new site; add header and footer graphics (you need to create these), add other revenue streams, add articles to beef up the site and change the behavior of the site in different ways.

The whole idea is to create multiple websites quickly and easily because Adsense is a numbers game. The more sites you own, the more Adsense revenue you'll get. And pretty soon, your new Virtual Real Estate Empire will be growing into something that gives you significant income.

Let's take a conservative example where each of your sites earns just $0.15 a day. Not much really, just $4.50 per month. 10 sites would get you $45 per month, 100 sites would earn $450.

Now suppose you got $0.50 per day per site. With 100 sites, you'd be earning $1500 per month. From Adsense alone.

You'd earn more, actually, because of the other revenue streams you can add to your sites - Amazon, Kontera, PeakClick, amongst others.

Ok, I hear you cry, what about domain and hosting fees, won't they eat into my profits? Yes, if you let them. Not much if you go about setting up such things in the right way...which will be explained in the SiteBuilder Elite Manual. This isn't a show-stopper!

Building just one website a day is within even the most time-strapped person's grasp. And that's where the time, effort and consistemcy I mentioned earlier comes in.

Time: not much required.
Effort: Building a keyword list and clicking a button or two (not strenuous!).
Consistency: The key to success. Fail at this and you'll fail at anything you try. So build a site a day or one a week. Just be consistent!

SiteBuilder Elite gives you the opportunity to build multiple dynamic, SEO Optimized, monetized, customizable websites, quickly, easily and painlessly. It's based on the sound principles of earning from Adsense and affiliate marketing. More than that, it gives you a roadmap to a more financially endowed future. That future awaits you...

Check SiteBuilder Elite out immediately..


Kind Regards,


PS: This software really will save you time and energy building websites. After using it, you'll wonder why things used to be so difficult.


Small Classified Ad Copy Below

Learn how quickly and easily build
multi 100 or 1000 page, dynamic, SEO
optimized, monetized and customizable
websites at the click of a button.


Google Adwords Ads

Virtual Real Estate

Build dynamic customizable websites
with the click of a button.


Websites For Profit

With the click of a button, build
multi-1000 page websites for profit


Places To Advertise

If you are not using at least 5 search engines to get cheap traffic you are blowing money away!!!! IT'S FREE MONEY! Don't be lazy!!!

Top 6 PPC Search Engines
Please notice we are not using affiliate code for any search engines, this is just free advice.

1. Overture very hard to get listed.
2. Google (easy Money!!!)
3. Findwhat (easy Money!!!)
4. Looksmart (easy Money!!!)
5. Lycos (easy Money!!!)
6. Ah-ha (easy Money!!!)

Want More Search engines? Visit The PayPerClick Guru.

Tips For Beginners To Make Serious Money Fast !!!
Use pay per click search Engines to generate INSTANT Revenues!

A great place to start your advertising campaign is Google Adwords and other pay-per-click [PPC] search engines. If you are new to PPC search engines or would just like a great lesson in making Google ads that appeal to buyers, try reading these excellent E-Books (used by ourselves as well): Affiliate Project X and Adwords Miracle.

If you don't already have a tool for researching keywords for your advertising, two great tools for finding hundreds of successful keywords in seconds are Keyword Elite and Ad Word Analyzer (you only need one of them; Keyword Elite is the more recommended [though expensive] tool).

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